The Quinoa Chronicles by Stephen L. Gorad, PHD
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Once a totally disrespected food, known only by poor indigenous peoples in the Andean mountain regions of South America, quinoa is now appreciated, eaten, and also grown throughout the world. Quinoa’s unique strengths as a food crop, its amazing nutritional characteristics, and its culinary excellence are finally getting the recognition they deserve. How did quinoa go from complete obscurity to being a worldwide sensation? Well ... the true story is stranger than fiction, much stranger. Stephen Gorad tells that story, just as he lived it, in The Quinoa Chronicles! The year is 1973. Two young men, both seeking to unravel the deepest mysteries of life, meet in a room in Boston. A friendship develops. A Chinese banquet leads to a ticket to Chile. Quinoa is discovered in a Bolivian street market. A love affair. A shirt is traded for a bag of seed. A business venture begins, grows, twists, turns, and falters. There is a murder. Perhaps a curse. A shaman comes to town. The friendship falls apart. A crook saves the day. Yes ….. all this and more had to happen in order for you to be able to cook, eat and enjoy quinoa.

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The Quinoa Chronicles by Stephen L. Gorad, PHD

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