A $10 Stove will Change an African Family's Life
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$10 will buy a "rocket stove" for an African family.  Your full donation will go to Aid Africa, and you will receive a receipt for your charitable donation.

These "rocket stoves" are just six bricks, some wire and mud.  But these simple devices are life-changing to an African family. 

The stove reduces household emissions by 75% (compared to a traditional cooking  fire)  No more blinding smoke and sore red eyes. No more house fires, choking, breathing problems and lung disease. 

The stove uses only half as much wood, so fewer hours are spent collecting wood and more time for is available for tending to family, farming, and business.

In addition, the Aid Africa Rocket Stove project has helped spawn a cottage industry providing jobs, training opportunities and leadership-building skills to local Acholi people.

Just $10 provides a stove to a impoverished family and puts them on the road to health and well-being. Our goal is to build and provide two stoves for every home we serve and to provide this life-changing tool to over 100,000 Acholi people.

Aid Africa is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit in the United States and a registered NGO (non-governmental organization) in Uganda.  http://aidafrica.net/#/home

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A $10 Stove will Change an African Family's Life

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